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The Tinker'z Wife sells seasonings, soaps and Sundries  online and at various markets and festivals. 


All products made and sold by The Tinker'z Wife are hand crafted by the Tinker, his wife or a few individuals whose products fall in the Sundries category. All seasonings are made with fresh premium ingredients. When possible we use locally grown products. All seasonings are 100% gluten free, dairy free and MSG free. 


All soaps are made from vegetable oils free from animal fats or synthetically produced fatty acids commonly used in the commercial production of soaps.  All essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade and where possible tested for the presence of substances used to dilute, mask  or enhance the natural properties of the essential oil.

Our History

Before The Tinker'z Wife was ever conceived, Jill, the Tinker'z wife coached and directed youth in various drama and fine arts programs. In the never ending effort to help kids raise money for event fees, travel and expenses, a parent suggested she let the youth sell her Spiced Tea and Taco seasoning. In the beginning one parent might purchase jars and another ingredients. We would grind, mix and package the spices. The kids would then sell the product. Often the parents that purchased the raw material would buy the finished product. So goes fundraising with youth organizations.  All proceeds went towards the designated event. 


Through the years the kids have grown up, we've moved several times and our roles have changed. Still, year after year many who sold or purchased the seasonings requested we make and distribute their favorites. After a Christmas Season where requests stretched our ability to both fund and produce, a business was born.  

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